2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil

Release date:04/17/2014 Publisher: EA Sports

Game Attribute: PlayStation 3

Genre: Real Time Strategy, Sports

Players: 2

Network Players:None



FIFA World Cup Brazil is a special simulation that aims to bring the famous soccer game to the online world. This is a sequel to the series of FIFA World Cup that started to be aired in 1989. Now, you do not have to keep your PS3 because there is a new game that comes with exciting features that you can play. The game is created featuring the 203 national teams that will be playing during the 2014 FIFA world cup. There are different advancements and innovations that were introduced in this sequel of the game. You can now dribble and you can also pass it with a greater and more improved accuracy.

Aside from the good gameplay that has been improved for the advantage of the players, you will also be able to enjoy the soundtrack that is chosen to make the game more enjoyable. There are 12 venues that are included in the game. The main reason for this is to make sure that all the settings for the FIFA 2014 are going to be explored in the game. There is so much to experience in this game. It has been made into something that is totally challenging and exciting at the same time.


• Features the 203 national teams
• Comes with a highly related soundtrack that makes the game even better
• You can also choose form 12 venues
• Includes more improved moves such as dribbling and more accurate actions.
• Can be played in single player or multiplayer mode
• Played in PlayStation3

System Requirements:

• PlayStation 3
• Xbox 360