Assault Heroes

Release date:01/28/2010 Publisher: Konami

Game Attribute: PlayStation 3

Genre: Arcade Flight Combat

Players: 4

Network Players:None



As the only living members of an elite Singular Forces Unit, it is up to you to uncover a secret weapons program hidden deep within a secret underground lab. Go the assignment alone or fight side-by-side with your fellow friend to attack relentless enemy attacks. Use your stealth military exercise, weapons handling and quick flexibility in this do or die task.
Reveal the truth to become the ultimate Assault Hero!
• Enjoy non-stop intense action-Experience explosive graphics that push the boundaries of the classic 2D action arcade genre
• Choose from an arsenal of weaponry-Use your high powered mini-gun, devastating flak cannon, relentless flamethrower, or a sub-zero freezing ice cannon; also equip yourself with pickups including weapon boosts, grenades and nukes.
• Tackle relentless battles as a team-Jump into 2 player cooperative play with a friend locally or online to strategize your plan of attack.
• Journey through interactive and immersive environments-Travel through destructible battlefields and blow up countless enemy camps.
• Challenge your friends-Play online co-op to defeat the sinister alien force or fight your way to the top and achieve high ranks in online leaderboards