Child of Light

Release date:04/29/2014 Publisher: Ubisoft

Game Attribute: PlayStation 3

Genre: Adventure, Role-Playing Game

Players: 2

Network Players:None



This game is set in a mystical world. The main character is named Aurora. As the player, you will be playing in her position. The story started when Aurora, the protagonist for the game, fell asleep and woke up in the mystical world of Lumeria. She then starts her mission and that is to bring back the sun, the moon and the stars that are apparently stolen by the Queen. She has to do this and she has to go on the quest in order for her to see his father who happens to be a duke.

This game has been created in a very creative way. As the player, you need to level up and increase your stats in order for you to be able to ascend and to stay in the game. You will then be facing enemies and you will be able to face them with a system that is highly the same with Final Fantasy. For those who want to play it in a multiplayer mode, there is another character named Igniculus who is described as a blue orb character who is going to stand side by side with Aurora in the battle. There are other characters that will be very helpful in the quest.


• This can be played in a single player or in a multiplayer mode.
• Features a gameplay where you have to level up and increase your stat
• Aside from Aurora, there are other characters like Igniculus
• The setting is a mythical world
• This can be enjoyed in PlayStation 3 and other platforms
• Battle system that is the same with Final Fantasy

System Requirements:

• PlayStation 3
• PlayStation 4 and other platforms