Dead Island

Release date:10/20/2011 Publisher: Deep Silver

Game Attribute: List of The Best Games for PS3

Genre: Action/Adventure

Players: 1

Network Players:None



As one of the many “zombie apocalypse” themed games, Dead Island is just as riveting and exciting as previously released games of the same survival horror and role-playing game. In this game, you play from a first person perspective as one of the following characters stuck in the Island of Banoi, a beautiful resort located off the coast of Papua New Guinea.
Get to know the characters, often referred to as the survivors:

Sam B – the rapper who accepts a gig at the Royal Palms Resort to get back on his feet. His specialty is using blunt weapons.

Xian Mei – the spy for the Chinese government who is effective in concealing her true identity and is better known as the hotel receptionist. She’s adept in using bladed weapons.

Logan Carter – the former American football star who ended his own career. He killed his passenger and fractured his knee after joining a street race. His specialty is throwing knives.

Purna – former officer of the NSW police force turned bodyguard for VIPS who’s known for her beauty and skills.

Ryder White – instructs the hero during Chaos Overture, giving directions to escape. He’s a colonel with the Australian Defense Force.

Game features include customization of characters, allowing you to select from the survivors to play as the hero. You can level up and earn experience points (XPs) to advance to the next level. When you level up, you replenish health and stamina, as well as invest one skill point to improve skills. You can earn XPs by killing enemies and completing quests or tasks.

In this zombie apocalypse game though, there’s a catch. After performing several actions like jumping, swinging or running, you need to pause or make your character stop for his stamina bar to replenish. Good luck with the stamina bar as zombies, also called the infected, have a set of different abilities such as the running zombies, walkers and of course, Left for Dead style zombies. You may also encounter special zombies which are harder to kill than the standard ones.

You also get thrilling encounters with the Infected when you’re in dark areas wherein you need to use flashlights.

Get ready to feel the excitement and horror in this action role playing game developed by Techland, released in October 2011 and published by Deep Silver. You’d be happy to know that this game has received positive feedback and reviews from players and critics. It’s time to kill those zombies and get out of Banoi.