Release date:09/09/2014 Publisher: Activision

Game Attribute: List of The Best Games for PS3

Genre: Action, First Person Shooter, Top 10 PS3 – Role Playing Games

Players: 1

Network Players:None



When it comes to PS3 games, this is one of the best that you should be anticipating this year. Destiny is a multiplayer online action game that can be played in a first person basis. One of the most amazing news about this is the fact that is is also opened to be played for PlayStation 3. The developer of this game made it a point that there are different events in the game that may occur and the ones who have created it may not know them. With this, you can be sure that you will be expecting some challenges that you may have not expected. This is one of the unique features of this game. According to the developer, this is not really like the traditional massive multiplayer game. They are offering a fresh one. With that, interaction actually happens when you are going to be connected to the person who is matched with you in the game. There are some new game engines that are going to be incorporated and this is going to be very helpful in the improvement of the dynamic lighting and the global illuminations. Every class that you can choose from in this game comes with a unique ability.


• The game comes in a post-apocalyptic setting
• Features the Guardians as the main characters
• An ability that is called as Super is a skill that a Guardian can effectively use during a certain battle
• Three district races include Humans, Awoken and the Exo
• Each race in this game has its unique ability
• The player can freely choose the class where he or she can be a part

System Requirements

• PS3
• PS4 and Xbox 360 and One