Drakengard 3

Release date:05/20/2014 Publisher: Square Enix

Game Attribute: PlayStation 3

Genre: Action, Adventure

Players: 1

Network Players:None



Drankengard is a game series that was has already been released in Japan in 2013. Today, this is going to be released in Europe and the North America. Apparently, this is the third part of the series; it serves as the prequel to the whole series. This game is composed of aerial battles and ground based combat.

When you are going to play Drankengard, you will get to know Zero, a woman who is full of mystery. Apparently, she killed her five sisters and she is working hand-in-hand with Mikhail, a dragon. And together, they rule the major regions in the world. This hack-and-slash game is full of challenging and exciting parts that you will be able to enjoy as you level up. As your character levels up, she also gets new skills and becomes stronger. There is a special feature in the game that you do not usually see in other games under this category. When Zero kills an enemy, she is going to be soaked in their blood. With that, the Intoner Mode is activated. This then allows her to perform combos. Aerial combat is possible with the help of Mikhail, the dragon.


• The game is a mixture of ground based hack and slash combat and aerial battles
• The game is a prequel of the whole series
• Leveling up allows the character to perform damaging and complicated attacks
• Activation of Intoner Mode happens when the character was able to kill her enemies
• Also features weapons that are created with different functions and performance that allows the player to kill enemies
• Aerial combat is possible in the game.

System Requirements:

• PlayStation3