Elemental Monster Online Card Game

Release date:09/13/2011 Publisher: Hudson Soft

Game Attribute: PlayStation 3


Players: 1

Network Players:None



The HIGH heat of competition is alive and very well in the all over the world of Elemental Monster Online Card Game! Step forward into an area of tactical battles in an all new online PlayStation®Network card battle game that pits you against foes from around the world. Featuring astounding card new designs from all over the world renowned artists such as Yoshitaka Amano!
In Elemental Monster Online Card Game, winning is everything. Practice makes perfect through the single player competition with over 10 hours of gameplay. Once you’re ready to take your skills online, pay for an online battle ticket via the PlayStation®Network and jump into the arena! Win here, and not only will you unlock exclusive emblems and rise up in the world-wide ranks, but you’ll get access to exclusive cards with all-new powers, attacks, and abilities