Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD

Release date:03/18/2014 Publisher: Square Enix

Game Attribute: List of The Best Games for PS3

Genre: Action/Adventure

Players: 1

Network Players:None



To gamers who love role playing games, the number of hours spent in the Final Fantasy series is definitely worth it. If you’re talking about technologically-driven graphics, then you can’t go wrong with Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD by Square Enix and released March 18, 2014. Join Tidus, Yuna, Paine, and Rikku as they take you back to their worlds, Spira and Besaid.
In Final Fantasy X, come to know Spira, a world that knows only perfection because of Machina, a machinery that was brought to Spira by a civilization well ahead of its time. Seems almost like the perfect world, if not for the villain called “Sin” whose destruction knows no bounds. Tidus, a famous blitzball player, finds himself stuck in this world after his home, Zanarkand, was destroyed by Sin. Believing that a young, honest girl can help him find the answers, he joins Yuna, daughter of Braska, a high summoner.
The sequel comes in Final Fantasy X-2, with Yuna, now a high summoner herself in Besaid, taking the lead. You’ll find yourself entranced with Rikku and Paine, Yuna’s comrades in preventing wars between factions. Sort of like a modern-day Charlie’s Angels in a fantasy world.
Both of these games were released a decade back, but come back linked and remastered in full HD in Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD. You can enjoy
• Two games in one without having to buy them separately. There’s no need to pay premium for Final Fantasy X and its sequel, Final Fantasy X-2.
• Since they’re linked through narration, get the chance to finish the story in this beautifully remastered version.
• Superb experience with turn-based combat for FFX, and action-oriented for FFX-2
• Never get lost with the handy map that points out your objective throughout FFX
• In FFX-2, feel free to travel to different destinations and choose players as well
• Get to use dresspheres in FFX-2 which allows you to use Yuna, Rikku and Paine (the only players in the sequel) in practically any type of battle.
The best thing about this collection, as it’s fit to be called, is for Final Fantasy fans to take a stroll down memory lane and revive the story. If you haven’t secured a copy yet, it’s time to get one now. As this collection actually outsold one of the best FF games, Final Fantasy XIII, in Japan, there’s no doubt that you’ll be enjoying this wonderful addition to FF games.