Grand Theft Auto III

Release date:07/31/2012 Publisher: Rockstar Games

Game Attribute: PlayStation 2

Genre: Action

Players: 1

Network Players:None



WARNING: This new version of game contains: violence, blood and gore, strong language, harsh realities, gleeful abandonment of moral responsibility, very huge use of force, overtly sinister character portrayals, capricious sense of anarchy, cynical proclivity, blatant over-exaggeration of the female form, lack of very pleasant overtones or happy ending, and disregard of the law. This new version of game is not for use with children. Do not ingest.

Emerging from the underworld, Grand Theft Auto 3 dares to set new levels of unflinching criminal behavior in a dark, ruthless videogame that never pretends to be anything but truly adult entertainment. Make no mistake — videogames have grown up, and GTA3 demonstrates that fully. Not only is the content severely mature — how could a game putting you in the shoes of a mob gun-for-hire who has no qualms against hit orders, car jackings, or public use of heavy artillery not earn that “M” rating? — but the game itself shows incredible leaps in production values to achieve that gritty reality. Hollywood talents such as Michael Rapaport, and Michael Madson give voice to the gangland thugs and Mafioso, while the PlayStation 2 super-charges GTA3’s massive scale of crowded streets crammed with cars to steal. Liberty City is wide open to those who control it, and you’re the kind of guy who makes his own key. In all seriousness, this game is rated “Mature” for a reason — it’s not for those under 17. Otherwise, they don’t get much hotter than GRAND THEFT AUTO 3