Release date:08/13/2014 Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment

Game Attribute: List of The Best Games for PS3

Genre: Action/Adventure

Players: 1

Network Players:None



This is one of the unique videogames that can be played in PlayStation 3. Honeyslug and Richard Hogg have created it. This collaboration brought a very good result. As the player, you will be controlling a serpent like creature that is being called as the Long Mover. Unlike the other games, this is non-linear. With this, you do not have to worry about the score and the time limit because these are not added among the features. When you are going to play a usual videogame, what you need to do is to make sure that you can accomplish a certain task at a given period of time. This is something that can make you feel toxic and stressed. The mission of the developers when they have created this game is to give the players a game where they can control the game in a way that they can enjoy the whole time. You will then be able to enjoy the experience while in the game and you will also appreciate the music. There are buttons that can simply be very helpful in slowing down or in accelerating the speed of the Long Mover. All in all, there is a very easy and a very simple way on how you can play the game.


• Very simple and easy controls
• The game comes in different worlds
• There are different characters in different worlds of the game
• There is a single primary goal in the game and there are also secondary activities
• This is a non-linear game
• No time limit is given to the player

System requirements

• PlayStation 3
• Also runs on other platforms