Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Release date:11/21/2013 Publisher: Square Enix

Game Attribute: List of The Best Games for PS3

Genre: Action, Top 10 PS3 – Role Playing Games

Players: 1

Network Players:None



This game has been released initially in November 2013 in Japan and on February 2014, it was released in Europe and also in North America. This has been a game that was developed by Square Enix. It can be played perfectly with the use of PlayStation 3. The game has been developed in May 2012. As a player, you will then be given the full control of Lightning. You will be playing in a third person point of view and you can do things like interacting with people and the objects in the game.

This sequel of Final Fantasy actually revolves in an open world layout. As a player, you can freely revolve around it and you can navigate. There are three levels in the game; it starts from Easy, Normal and Hard. There is a timer and it actually starts at seven in-game days and it can be extended and you can reach thirteen days. But you can pause the game with the use of Chronostasis, this is actually a feature of the game that allows this function. As you go through the different quests, Lightning’s stats are boosted.


• Three difficulty levels
• More advancement compared to the first parts of the game
• Allows players to control the character in a third person perspective
• Another feature allows the player to turn the camera in a 360 degrees point of view
• Still allows the use of chocobos
• Now it comes with a New Game+ option
• A timer is being used in the game

System Requirements

• PlayStation 3
• Xbox 360