Master Reboot

Release date:10/29/2013 Publisher: Wales Interactive Ltd.

Game Attribute: List of The Best Games for PS3

Genre: Real Time Strategy, Top 10 PS3 – Role Playing Games

Players: 1

Network Players:None



Master Reboot takes place in a time where death is no longer final for you are now able to store your memories and for anyone to re-experience all those memories for all eternity. Soul Cloud, a virtual storehouse of one’s memories and soul, was created by Mystery Foundation. Ever heard of the saying that people die twice? One is when you actually stop breathing and another when your name was last spoken by anybody. In this line of thinking, if you were able to upload all your memories, you will not be able to have that second death. With Soul Cloud, family members and friends can hook up to Soul Cloud wherein they can relive the memories of the physically deceased and interact with them. When you download Master Reboot from our site, you will be able to play as the female protagonist who awakens in Soul Cloud with no memory of whom you are or why you’re even there. It is your goal to reach your personal memory hub where all of your memories can be restored. While stumbling through the virtual world in search of your personal memory hub, you’ll see virus corruption which will become more evident as you become nearer to the core memory. With the download of Master Reboot, you will be able to piece back together all your memories by exploring all the damaged memory pieces which act like a room. Each room portrays different memories and different challenges that you have to overcome to be able to reveal the true memory of yours. For example, the “Beach Memory” reveals a romantic trip you had done with your boyfriend on the beach. It is your task to find the buried engagement ring given to you to remove all corruption and reveal what is concealed. Throughout the game, you will also encounter Soul Cloud’s anti-virus, Seren.exe, who takes the form of a creepy little girl and sees you as an intruder. Seren always suddenly appears to eliminate you as soon as she sees you. The game play is varied due to the different tasks given to you. Axes are also scattered within the game. Those can be used in either chopping either wooden doors or wooden barriers. Aside from completing the tasks in each memory room, you can also know more about your life through the narratives attached to the blue ducks that can be found in the game. These narratives are important not only to let you know who you are but also to reveal the hidden truth about Soul Cloud. So, download Master Reboot today and you can have the chance to play as the amnesiac heroine. Explore your own personal memory hub in order to regain your memories and uncover the dark truth about Soul Cloud.

• Excellent graphics
• Haunting and mysterious background story
• Different locations
• Challenging games in each memory room
• Terrifying scenes and experiences
• Nerve-wracking moments of chase between yourself and Seren

• Platform: PlayStation 3