Murdered: Soul Suspect

Release date:06/03/2014 Publisher: Square Enix

Game Attribute: PlayStation 3

Genre: Action/Adventure, Role-Playing Game

Players: 1

Network Players:None



This is an action-adventure game and it is going to be available soon. Ronan O-Connor is the main protagonist who was killed in the first part of the story. He was a detective and he was brutally murdered. And in the game, he then comes back as a ghost and he is going to start his journey by looking for the killer who has slain him. The game will be focused in the ghost life of Ronan. He will be given special ghostly powers that he will then be using in making sure that he will be able to look for the one who killed him and at the same time fight the devils who are trying to eat his soul.

There is a special twist in the game that will make things more challenging and adventurous. The protagonist is going to be assisted by a girl named Joy who is a witness to the killing of Ronan. This girl has a special talent that allows her to talk with ghosts. This is something that he was able to inherit from her psychic mother.


• This can be played on a single player mode
• It features Ronan O-Connor in his ghost state
• As a ghost, the character has some special powers that he can use to protect himself along the journey
• Also features other evil characters who are going to act as protagonists
• The main thing that you need to do as the player is to make sure that Ronan will be able to know the killer
• Features another character who serves as the side kick and will be helping the main character along the way

System Requirements:

• PlayStation3
• Also works on other platforms