Sacred 3

Release date:08/26/2014 Publisher: Deep Silver

Game Attribute: PlayStation 3

Genre: Action, Role-Playing Game

Players: 4

Network Players:4



This is an action role-playing game and it is the third part of the whole game series. There had been a great improvement in this part of the game. With that, it would be more exciting if you were going to play this time. There are new classes that you will then be allowed to choose from. And there had been some replacement. Safiri Warrior and the Ancarian Lancer have replaced the ones those are from Sacred 2. There are also some parts of the previous game’s environment that were retained and that includes the Castle Braverock.

With this game, a network of four players can all play at the same time even without the aid of the Internet. As the player, you can have an ally. All the allies are equipped with both active and passive skills. There is a special feature in this game that does not really allow the players to overpower each other. There are limited abilities that are given to every player and this is for them to play perfectly as a team.


• This can be played in a single player or multiplayer mode
• There are new classes that you can choose from.
• Allows four players to cooperatively play at the same time
• Every ally is given set of active and passive skills
• Two classes have replaced the ones that were eliminated in Sacred 2; Safiri Warrior and Ancarian Lancer
• Some of the environments are retained. This includes the Castle Braverock

System Requirements:

• PlayStation3
• Also available in other platforms