Supremacy MMA

Release date:09/19/2011 Publisher: 505 Games

Game Attribute: PlayStation 3

Genre: Beat’em Up

Players: 2

Network Players:2



Supremacy MMA brings the brutality of unsanctioned, amateur and underground MMA fighting to your PlayStation 3 favoring fast-and-furious gameplay and underground aesthetics over official branding and television-style presentation. The game overall raises the bar in the MMA space by making an unprecedented level of very fast, fluid combat, intuitive controls and true-to-the-sport brutality, by telling the story of up-and-coming fighters in their quest for supremacy. Brutalize enemies with an authentic range of martial arts styles, such as Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, and many others. Welcome to truly No Holds Bar fighting, complete with illegal, vicious finishing moves that would make the toughest heavyweight champ sweat. Engage in underground MMA bouts, fight clubs and street fights around the world in a variety of unconventional locations, such as strip clubs, prisons, slaughter houses.