: Ultra Street Fighter IV

Release date:04/18/2014 Publisher: Capcom

Game Attribute: PlayStation 3

Genre: Action, Arcade Flight Combat

Players: 2

Network Players:2



The Street Fighter IV is a sequel to the game that has been around for a long time already. This is one of the most favorite PlayStation games because of the equally challenging and exciting setting that it offers. There are six new stages and other five new characters that are added to make it better. When you are going to play, you will surely feel thrilled with the five new characters namely Poison, Elena, Rolento, Hugo and Decapre. They have their own style in fighting and they also have their own skills that you are about to explore. All in all, there are 44 characters.

One of the best parts of the new gameplay is the fact that the system mechanics now allows the players to put in their feedback about the game. Now, players can enjoy Team Battle Mode, Online Training Mode and Red Focus. All in all, there are different features that make it better than the past games. There are other features that will surely make it more exciting not only for the people who have been playing the older games but also for those who are new to this game.


• Six new characters are added
• The new characters are also equipped with unique skills
• New modes are added
• There are 6 new stages and battle environments that players can enjoy
• Features like team battle mode is also added
• There is an online training mode available

System Requirements:

• PlayStation3